New School Year 2017/2018 in the Ivan Vazov First Bulgarian School

Ivan Vazov First Bulgarian School celebrated the new school year for 3rd year. The celebration was held in the Saints and Scholars Integrated Primary School, where the lessons are held. Тhe ceremony began with a solemn reception of the Bulgarian flag followed by a welcoming speech by the Director of the School and Chairperson of the Association Bulgarian Culture and Education. With great joy and pride the school welcomed 80 children, divided into groups from Preschool to Primary 7.

Participants in the festive program:

Dragni Dragnev and his bagpipe students:

Anthony Dimitorov

Kaloyan Stefanov

Samuil Stefanov


Dragni Dragnev – bagpipe

Petya Dragneva – singer

Nikolay Ivanov – Tambura



“Veselyatsi” Bulgarian Folk Club






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