Education Conference

Education Conference, held on 5th and 6th January 2018 at Ulster University

The theme of the conference was ‘Diversity through education is key to success’ and its key objective was to provide access information to all levels of education in Northern Ireland. The conference was first proposed by Valentina Stefanova, the principal of the First Bulgarian School Ivan Vazov in Armagh, Chair of Association Bulgarian Culture and Education and fully supported by Engineers Ireland Northern Region. The Schools Partnership team of Ulster University provided a comprehensive support for the first day of conference and hosted the event in Conor Lecture Theatre at Belfast campus.

Presentations from the event:

Case Study – Ivan Vazov First Bulgarian School

Valentina Stefanova – Principal of the School, Chairperson of ABCE

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Academic Selection – AQE and Grammar Schools

Dr F. Vasey – Principal

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Active learning in Higher Education

Professor Paul Bartholomew – Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

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European Collaboration

Kevin O`Neill – Principal

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Malone College

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STEM Jobs and access to Engineering

Dr Robert Eadie – Chair: Engineers Ireland Northern Region

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Gallery from the Conference

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Gallery from the Trainings

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